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Next session due May 2020

Social media profile pics, dating sites, LinkedIn, speaker bios, websites or even that little avatar on your work email. A good headshot is pretty much essential. But we want better than the ‘girls-night-out photo where you looked hot’ pic or the ‘stuffy pro-photo from the office’. Neither are good. Let’s do better.

Let's do it with colour

In the world of mindless scrolling and swiping, colour is the secret weapon to stand out. We see colour before anything else. Before faces, before shapes and WAY before words. Colour is a language that we don’t even know we know.


Feel confident, have fun and enjoy the day.
Oh and get some 'OMG freaking awesome' pics too!


This is not a quick 'click and flick' social media filler photo. This shit is legit.
  • A 15 min colour and confidence coaching call to help you get clear on what message you’ll share.
  • The option of light hair and make-up styling with @blissandco (additional $50 cost)
  • A professional mini-headshot session with moi. That’s me.
  • The full studio experience with all the lights and music (probably Lizzo tbh) and coloured backgrounds tailored for you and your brand (or white/black is available too)
  • A coffee from our local fave haunt (or tea, if you're that way inclined)
  • A secure online gallery with whole lotta images to choose your 2 favourites (plus the option to buy extras if you love 'em).
  • Professional retouch on your selected 2 images.
  • All done and dusted in under an hour. 
You will also get that 'feel good' feeling that comes with knowing that 10% of all profits from the day are going straight to RISE BEYOND THE REEF. This money will help Fijiian women build a sustainable income for themselves and their family.

All this juicy goodness for $190


the most supportive, colour-mad, fun-loving headshot photographer on the planet.


a writer, a jogger, a blogger, a designer, a superhero, a lawyer, a barista, a cynic, a sister, an old cat lady. It doesn't matter. So long as you are ready to be seen.


  • You'll feel gorgeous and confident
  • You'll have a flashy photo to post everywhere
  • Comfortable - relaxed - confident


  • 30 min shoot 30 min light hair and makeup
  • 2 profile pics on 2 different backgrounds.
  • Want more? Well you can choose to buy more from your gallery if you choose.



Friday 7th February 2020


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Stones Corner, Brisbane

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