I want to hold up a mirror, so you can see what’s inside you. So you can see that you have what it takes. To do the big work that you dream of.

There are so many problems in our community. Fights that need to be fought. Changes to be made. People to help.

We need women like you. Talented, skilled, creative and committed. Someone who can see a better way. Women who are passionate about making the world a better place.

I need you to be able to take that step. My kids, my community, my world, we all need you to. Your voice matters, your vision is important. You need to be seen and heard.

So take a look in my mirror sister. Look at your strengths, your skills. The experience and knowledge you have. Look at the magical rainbow that is shining back at you.

You’ve got this.


I am an extrovert. I love people. I enjoy digging deep and finding what makes people tick, to talk about their dreams. To understand their vision and who they are.

I am an intuitive chick. No, I don’t mean that I can ‘see’ the future, but I am pretty emphatic and good at reading emotions. In fact understanding peoples values and motivations is pretty important to me.

I am also good at interpreting and imagining information. I love taking all sorts of ideas and blending them into something tangible and practical. To me that’s gold. That’s how you make change happen!

I am also a ‘do-er’. If you are a day-dreamer that has no plans, we won’t get along. If you have a big dreams, a clear vision, ambition and getting things done is important - then we’ll get on fine.



I am a photographer and I work with women who want to be more visible in the online world.

I help my clients to understand their strengths and the power of their personal brand. I create a folio of portraits that represent who they are and what they stand for, so they can show that to the world.

Women have so much power and potential and it’s trapped by their lack of confidence. Building this confidence comes from using robust and analytical tools to identify strengths. Strengths that we amplify in beautiful, natural photographs.

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