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Make it easier to translate your brand into words and images

Know your brand archetype

Knowing your brand archetype SERIOUSLY makes online marketing EASIER!


Because it helps bring your brand to life. Sometimes
knowing what your brand stands for is one thing, but knowing how to express and share that with your audience can be freaking hard. 

What colours help my audience trust me? 
What kind of photos make people feel 'happy'? 
How can I write copy that shows people that I am high quality in what I offer?

Your brand archetype answers all these questions. It will give you the guidance (and confidence) to nail your brand images and copy on all the things, all the time. 

The Creator

Joyful, expressive and quirky. Creator brands are bright, warm and optimistic

The Hero

Earthy, honest and community-focused. Hero brands are intelligent, passionate and working on a cause.

The Sage

Classy, calm and nurturing. The Sage brand is detailed, quality-driven and timeless.

The Ruler

Motivated, no-fuss and high quality. Ruler brands are leading in their fields, high-end and straight-forward.

What are Brand Archetypes really all about?

The brand archetype method is a mixture of Jungian archetypes, colour psychology and just a whole lot of trial and error.

Fundamentally, we take some of your personal character strengths and brand values and throw them in a metaphoric bowl. We then add in some ideas about how you deliver your service and what you aim to achieve.

The end result of this process is a clear and condensed series of core emotion-based words that encapsulate your brand.

One of the tricky elements of emotive words, or any adjectives used to describe a brand, is that it can be really damn hard to translate that into practical communication.
That’s where the brand archetypes help.

By identifying which archetype best suits your core brand personality you are giving yourself a structure to follow in making these emotions ‘come to life’.

The brand archetype helps you to be clear, authentic and consistent in your communication, content creation and overall marketing efforts.

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