beautiful, branded imagery

I understand the pain. 
Instagram and Facebook are key to your marketing strategy. But boy, is it a time suck trying to find good photo content.
Not to mention finding images that are on brand and that you haven't seen EVERYWHERE already! 
You are probably wondering if there's an easier way?! 

My answer is - YES! 

Your own styled product photos and branded social media image library

The branded-just-for-you photo package to sooth the savage social media beast. 


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You've worked hard to build a great product or service  
  • You are vigilant in being 'on brand' and engaging in all of your social media activities 
  • You want your social feed to be filled with photos of your products that are beautiful and styled just for your business
  • You want to focus more on serving your clients than on endlessly trawling for 'okay' stock photos or trying to 'snap' your own product pics 

Sound about right? Good! You are in the right place

It's time for you to hand over the time consuming search for brand imagery so that you can focus on what you do best!

What the package is all about

How cool would it be to have a photographer that's building content just for you? You get to have a say on what props are used. If you want your own product or 'tools of the trade' in the photos. You don't have to worry about camera settings, how to edit the photos, or get lost down the rabbit hole of stock libraries or even Pinterest 'DIY photo' tips.  You give me the brand brief and I do the rest! 
Imagine how much time that would free up? AND, imagine how cool it would be having your OWN, UNIQUE, BRANDED photos! 

How it works

The branded social media image library
  • We start with a free consultation call. We discuss your products, what you want photographed and how. I will talk with you about your brand and the message you want to share.
  • I will create a custom brand photo mood board that incorporates the elements of your brand and your needs for the imagery. It's important to note that these images DO NOT INCLUDE RECOGNISABLE PEOPLE.
  • You approve and I do the photo shoot.
  • After the shoot you get access to a secure online gallery for you to select your final images.
  • 30 branded stock photos for you to use however you need, with the option to purchase more.
  • All final images will be fully retouched
  • You will also receive all of your final 30 images in full resolution and web-ready versions
  • * This package can also include a mixture of white background professional product photography or beautiful styled product photography.

Confidence comes from knowing yourself and trusting in your ability. The Brand Master process is all about fnding that sweet spot beteween your strengths, how others see you and what you want from your business. The Brand Master is about highlighting what makes you special.

At the end of the process you don't just get a pretty photo, you get a marketing piece, a combination of colour, location, styling, body language and posing designed especially for your personal brand.


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