This isn’t your normal ‘personal brand’ workshop. It’s more.

The RAINBOW within

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To build your personal brand you need to REALLY know who you are and what it is you want to achieve in the world. You need to find the rainbow inside you that is ready to come out and shine. I want you to understand what’s true about you. All the bits and pieces that work together to create this beautiful rainbow that is you.

"Find the fundamental, you"

Dr. Tererai Trent

As a brand photographer, I spend all this time talking with women about how we were going to ‘bring their personal brand to life’. 

But before we could get to photos we needed to go back a step. We needed to really understand what it is that we want to show. This is where many of my clients faltered. Not because they weren’t talented, skilled or have great ideas. Nope. They faltered because they weren’t confident in who they were and what they offered.

They were doing things arse-about. They had been focusing on the fancy brand, the offer and the outcome, but not on who they were and all the great stuff they brought to the table. The things that actually made their personal brand PERSONAL. 

That’s why I developed my Rainbow Brand process. 

This workshop uses techniques in art therapy and creative expression to help you go within. We excavate the good stuff from the doubts, insecurities and all the other crap that you may have layered on yourself. 

You are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and we are getting it ready to shine. 

The RAINBOW within

Through a series of hands-on activities and guided discussions we will create: 

  • clarity about your skills and strengths. (Knowing and sharing the strengths that you bring to the table is pretty darn important if you want to make an impact.) 

  • a shining spotlight on the specific ways that you are you’er than you? (because THIS is your ‘USP’ and what sets you apart) 

  • a passion statement about what it is you stand for and your burning desire for the change you want to make in the world. (We create connection through emotion, so buckle up and get ready to feel). 

  • a personal manifesto. (A document that will keep you on track and inspire you, but also help you communicate your brand to your audience - whoever that is.)

What's included in the workshop?

Friday, February 21, 2020

In this workshop you will get:


  • 5 hours of guided creative ‘you’ time (this alone is priceless). 
  • Clarity on your personal strengths and skills 
  • Clear on the impact that you want to make in the world including your emotional drivers 
  • A comprehensive workbook and journal to capture your reflections and ‘ah ha’ moments.
  • Access to all the creative tools, paint, scissors and sparkly stuff you need. 
  • A light yummy lunch from a local Stones Corner fave and coffee and treats to keep you going. 
  • A final draft personal manifesto that I will have professionally designed, printed and sent to you after the workshop. 

How it works

Step one: 

Book the sessions that you want to attend and add the date to your diary (helpful tip. It’s better if you book both at the same time ;) )


Step two: 

Turn up on the day ready to play. Leave your inner critic at home. There’s no room for that bitch in these sessions. I would recommend you also come prepared to do things a little different to normal. Be willing to try. 


Step three: 

Have fun. Be honest with yourself. Open up to those around you and connect. This is time for you. 

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Do I need to do both masterclasses?

Select the class that best suits the needs that you have, however they are designed to work together to maximise your time.

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