A personal branding program for women with big dreams

Blend your inherent strengths, your unique abilities, your passion and purpose into a unique-to-you personal brand with a message that is truly representative of you.


An 8-week online course teaching you how to discover and share your own personal brand. A brand that resonates with honesty and builds genuine connections.


Program begins May 25, 2020

  • You’re a smart chick. You know that a powerful personal brand is the next step to grow your business or career. 
  • You feel waaay more comfortable with ‘doing’ the work than talking about yourself. 
  • You know it’s in you to make a difference, in fact, you crave it, but you struggle to express and articulate how you help.
  • You wonder how other people seem to embody their brand while you always just feel... play acting  
  • Other branding ‘how to’s seem to assume you know your strengths, purpose and values. But you go around in circles now knowing what they are. 
  • You don’t feel confident in showing up as ‘you’ online. It feels uncomfortable and awkward but you know how important it is. 

I've been there. I get it. 


Imagine how it would feel serving your business from a place of certainty about your strength and skills.

Imagine the greater impact you could have when your hard work is aligned with your 'why' and the change you want to make in the world. 

Picture yourself standing in your own power. Knowing that your passion, values and beliefs are making an impact through your work. 

Consider the ease of having an audience who's just right for you. You're writing content they love, and sharing your journey with them comes from your heart. 

Feel that sense of confidence and surety that comes from knowing you are experiencing the world with the authenticity and soul you were meant to.
The Rainbow Way is a methodology that I developed for my photography clients. It is an approach that guides you in shaping your own authentic personal brand from the inside out. I don’t have all the answers. You do, and this method supports you in that self-discovery process.

This process will help you blend your inherent strengths, your unique abilities, your passion and purpose into a unique-to-you personal brand with a message that is truly representative of you.
But this isn’t just a navel-gazing reflection. Yes, we dig in to discover that brand, but we also cover how you can share that brand with the world. No more worrying about what to write in captions. Or what photos to share. My brand archetype guides give you colour palettes, photo styling, editing advice, copywriting tips and heaps more. We agree that a good personal brand isn’t about a logo and pretty website. It’s about you having the confidence to bring your whole self to the game. To be visible and consistent, and this program gives you the tools to do it. 

“The Universe wants our full potential to be expressed”

Dr. Terari Trent
  • You have a burning passion and maybe an idea of what you are going to do but you need help putting the pieces together into a brand and message that is spot on.

  • You’ve been in your business and  ‘winging it’ when it comes to your brand. But it’s not feeling right and showing up exhausts you. You know it’s time to level up and take your business (and yourself) seriously. 

  • You have been in your career for a while and you are good at it, but you want a change. You’ve lost your passion and you know you need to shake things up, but you feel lost for ‘what next’ 

This 8-week live course includes:


Online videos for each module go LIVE each week. They give you an overview of the content for the week and instructions for the weeks activities.


Practical tools to help you work through the content for yourself. You’ll get everything from questionnaires, quizzes, checklists, templates and creative prompts. All designed to help create a personal reference for you, so that you can come back to it any time.


We will also do two group coaching calls. An opportunity to deepen your relationships with those in the group, but also to ask questions, get clarity and advice on any of the content we’ve covered. 


In-depth worksheets accompany each module to help you get clear on who you are so you can create your brand around the things that really matter.


A Private Facebook Group where you’ll have access to me and a bunch of other amazing humans on the same journey! Here you’ll feel supported, encouraged and maybe a bit positively challenged to get your butt into gear and to get over your doubts.


"This was brilliant. You packed so much value into this program. I learned so much that I am already applying!"

Brand workshop client

What will I learn?

Your brand IS personal.
What a personal brand is and what it’s not
How a personal brand can support you to make your impact bigger.
Recognise your strengths 
The role of personality traits in your personal brand 
Ways that you can identify your traits 
How you can leverage your traits
A clear list of your personal strengths and an idea of what others see in you
Admire your abilities. 
How your abilities can make up your unique offer  How you can leverage your skills.
A clear list of your key skills and abilities and what makes your offer unique
Clarity about the type of work that you want to do more of.
Identify your impact 
Knowing what you stand for and how you want to impact the world
 Having a 
goal that is bigger than you alone is motivating 
A vision for impact you want to make
A clearer understanding of the values you bring to your brand
Name your type 
How the archetypes evolved 
The 4 different types and how they are applied
Clarity of what your brand type is
(including aesthetic, colour recommendations,
photography and copy tips).

Your brand signature
The ways you can use the signature statement to guide decision making
The ways that you can apply your statement at work/biz
Your own customised brand signature statement (aka elevator pitch)

Own your confidence
Confidence is a skill that can be practised 
Having a growth mindset 
Strategies to support you when you are
sharing your brand and feeling unsure

WOW your audience
Creating an action plan to bring your dreams to life 
Finalising a brand blueprint 
Creating a personalised folder of stock imagery
that is ‘on brand’

"The results really reflect me. Just me. It’s exactly what I wanted. Thanks Renee."

Brand workshop client



No one else has the same combination of work experience, life experience and personality traits that you do. That’s your Unique Selling Proposition. That’s how you differentiate in a noisy online marketplace, no matter what you do. 


You know that when you are talking to someone who is lying to you, it feels ‘off’. We sense when someone is not quite who they say they are. The same happens online. However, when you communicate from the heart you are making real emotional connections with your audience. By showing up and communicating consistently from a place of authenticity you are on the fast-track to building trust and connection with your people. 


We often cringe at the idea of being ‘public’ and sharing too much with the world. But it doesn't have to be like that. Working hard towards making your impact is important work. Your brand is an asset that you can leverage to achieve that. It’s not always about financial goals and other signs of success. It’s about using your brand as a platform for a real and lasting legacy. 



An authentic personal brand shows you that it's okay to be yourself. If your work or public life is built on attempts to fit in and fulfill a prescribed role, then you are living your life ‘fake’. When you step into an authentic brand you are telling yourself that it’s okay to be you. You can express yourself and be the person you were meant to be. 


Your audience wants to know that you can do what you say you’re going to do. You build this credibility and trust through both your words and actions. When you embody your personal brand this is a piece of cake. If you consistently show up as you, then you are keeping your brand promise to your audience. You are automatically building a relationship of trust.


I'm Renee and I am a portrait photographer and a personal brand coach. I am known as one of Brisbane's most colourful and joy-filled headshot photographers. I have also worked with some of Australia's favourite business coaches and bloggers.I am also an experienced trainer and facilitator, hold a Masters Degree in Human Resources and am a total nerd when it comes to all things personality testing. 

It is the blend of these two parts of me that has given me the foundation to help you discover your personal brand. What started out as a photography career has changed over time. My real heart-hurt comes from seeing so many women doubting themselves, their skills and their ability to do the work matters. My own personal experience has demonstrated to me that the tools I use to discover a personal brand have the amazing side-effect of showing clients how freaking awesome they are. 

The passion that fuels me is the need to empower women. To help you develop an insight into your strengths and dreams, so you can own the power of who you are. I want to hold up a mirror, so you can see what’s inside. So you can see that you have what it takes to do the big work that you dream of.


Who is The Rainbow Way (TRW) for?

TRW is for anyone who wants to align their work with their purpose. It’s for those who have a cause.  Whether it’s their work, career or community, they know they need to start sharing their ideas, passions and work if they want to have an impact. The exercises in TRW are designed to help you uncover what is already inside you. Then it translates that into a clear statement about who you are and what you stand for.

Do I have to have a business to do TRW?

Nope. This program can really benefit anyone trying to figure out what their "thing" is. Mid-career changes, post-divorce discovery, or a burning passion to fix the world. We all crave more clarity, connection and authenticity in our lives. This program helps you get it.

What results do participants typically get?

Women who have completed the Rainbow method typically believe that it’s the clarity and confidence in who they are that is the biggest impact. It helps reinforce parts of them that they lost connection with, and gave them the reassurance that they have value to add to the world. 

Many also get great relief from the brand archetype process. They claim that it simplifies the decision making process and knowing what to post and share on social media. It takes away unnecessary and time consuming decisions, and that is priceless.

How much time will it take to participate in the program?

TRW is an 8-week program. It is mostly self-paced, though the connection within the Facebook Group and group calls is highly recommended. Each module includes a video training which should take no more than 15 minutes to watch. There are a range of activities to complete during the week. These should take an hour a week. 

Facebook group will be available throughout the week and I will be dropping in and out. Weekly FB live’s will be run. These are not essential but are designed to answer questions, share additional resources and to share progress.  There will be two-hour-long group-zoom calls during the course.

How are the materials presented?

Each module includes a video,  PDF activity instructions that you can view online or print. Printable Worksheets are also included. Printing this is recommended. A bonus module including recommended supplies is sent to you on registration.

How much does it cost?

TRW is $497. An early bird price is available and payment can be split into two equal payments if required.

What if I have questions or want more support?

The best way to get your quick questions answered is to DM me over on Instagram (@reneesheaphotography), in the FB group or to email me at [email protected]

“When you do it right, your brand and personality are the same”


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