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When you’re looking for a photographer for your wedding the creative style of that photographer matters. The way they see and manipulate light. The kind of editing they do. It’s all part of their artistic vision.

If you are on the hunt for a newborn photographer you choose by their style. Are they into cleverly posed, pretty props and soft editing, or are they a lifestyle photog who photographs you and your family at home?

It’s important that the style of the photographer and what they create is something that you are drawn to and will love for years to come.

Choosing a photographer for your brand photos is different. Yes, you want to like the photos that are taken. However, it is way more important that the finished product works for your brand. It’s a marketing piece. Not an art piece. You might like pretty airy photos with a soft feminine feel. But if that’s not selling the message of your brand properly then its money wasted.

I want to set you a challenge to demonstrate what I mean.

Below are three photos of my assistant Emily. They are all pretty simple headshots taken on the one day. But they are styled, propped and edited differently.

Ask yourself the question. Which one are you drawn to most? Which do you find the most appealing? Why? Are you being drawn to what is 'cool' or what is your taste? 

When you look at each image what do you learn about her personality? 

If Emily was a coach and her style was to give no-nonsense, kick you in the arse advice which headshot would suit that?
If Emily was a florist, and her style leaned to classic roses and the Hamptons, which headshot would best reflect that? What about if she were a social worker who worked in local refugee community groups? 

Now obviously I am making generalisations here. Because none of these truly represent Emily and her personality. But the idea of the dress-up game was to make a point.
Developing your personal and business brand online is tough and being authentic and consistent is key. If your headshot doesn't match WHO you are in your copy and work... If your photos are more about a 'pretty on-trend style' than they are about your business then you are wasting your money.

At this point, I feel the need to give my upcoming workshop a bit of a shameless plug. 

In mid-June my girl Kelly from Craft my Content and I, are teaming up again to run our #nailit workshop. The reason why I mention this here is that this workshop covers exactly what I have been talking about. 

#Nailit builds on the idea that consistency and authenticity are important for building a trusted brand. But we also know that it's so hard to make it happen. Especially when you’re having an identity crisis and you’re not sure who you are… or more, who you’re supposed to be when you show up for your business online. The workshop will take you through a detailed process of how you can translate your brand and who you are into visual imagery that really works. For you!

If you want more information about how we can help you really nail your brand online, in words and images check out the workshop details.
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