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I 'chat' to Anna most days. 

We talk business and how I can shape mine. Content marketing and dealing with inferiority. We talk personal stuff; boys, kids, plus-size fashion, life after separation.

She's my arse-kick when I need it and a safe sounding board to throw ideas around. So when she was getting ready to update her brand photos I was so damn excited. 

I was going to do a blog post about my session with Anna anways, but this morning her recent newsletter post dropped in my inbox. It really struck a raw chord with me and I thought hat her message was more important to share with those of us who have some big mental blocks about what makes success. 

When I started my business nearly 9 years ago, there weren’t many things I knew for certain.

I did know one thing though: Successful women were thin, well groomed, wore heels (even at home) and accessorised with red lipstick and an aura of confidence. Since I was more likely to be seen in birkenstocks than heels, this meant I knew another thing for certain: I was never going to be successful.

I encourage you to click on over and read Anna's post Fat + Successful

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