If you want to get past the murky weeds of self-doubt, confused messaging, and overwhelm, I have something for you...


A one:one personal brand coaching experience

What does the process include?


7 hours of one:one guidance and coaching. This includes messenger support from me for the duration of the engagement. 

Visual and voice strategy

Comprehensive action plans based on my unique archetype process



RISE personal brand methodology

This process is based around my own RISE methodology. An approach that I developed working with my clients.


Brand mission and impact statements

A brand mission statement based on your 'soul goal' and the impact that you want to make in the world. 

Personal brand definition

Clarity on your brand 'heart beat', the values strengths, abilities, and quirks that you bring to your service offering.


...and what do we cover?

Start with your strengths. A good personal brand is.... personal. It is about who you are at your core. When you lean into your strengths and let them become the very essence of your brand. 

Your soul goal. How do you want to see the world as a better place? How are you going to make your impact? 

Admire your abilities What do you want to be known for? Skills that you're good at but kinda hate doing, or ones that you are are a serious rockstar with and bring you joy?

Shape your signature offer. What do you offer? How can we bring more of you into that offer? How can your offer help you make your impact?

Identify what matters. Your values are about you. When you embrace your values as part of your brand, you are putting more of yourself out and into the world. 

Express your brand. Declare to the world WHO you are, WHAT you do and WHY you do it. We cover brand archetypes, colours, and how you can share your story with the world.

Your big hunger. Fulfilment in life comes when we align who we are and what we do, with something that really lights us up.

What others have said


"I felt flimsy, shallow and lost in the wilderness of doing what everyone else was doing (even though I heard time and time again - 'do you'). I had bits of what I am good at, what drives me, what my message is. I just wasn't bringing it together in a way that made sense or was focussed enough that I could keep coming back to the framework.

I reached the point of having had enough. And so began my research, looking for the person who I wanted to work with to help me hone all of this. I kept coming back to Renee Shea's work.

As we went through the process of discovering me as a brand, there were waves of emotions - gratitude, confidence, WTF (I know, that isn't actually an emotion, but you get the gist), fear, joy, excitement, and more.

The thing that really caught me off guard was the impact I want to have. The more I sit with it, the more comfortable I become with it and how I can contribute in a meaningful way.

Thanks to my work with Renee, I finally feel like I have direction. The fire is back in my belly. I am willing to put in the time and effort and do the work. I am willing to set BIG goals and feel genuinely excited (and little holy s#[email protected]) about them."

How does it work?


An online portal


Access to my interactive online portal where all of your program worksheets are shared and saved. You can work through the material and I can help you out and keep you on track when needed. There are over 15 activities in the program each designed to help you get clear on your brand essence and begin to really embrace and own your awesomeness.


Consultation calls


7 one-on-one consultation calls with me. In these calls, we discuss the theme for the week and instructions for what activities you'll need to dig into. I'll get you to reflect on the activities and together we'll distill your learnings into practical strategies to apply.


Community of impact-driven souls

You will also receive access to my exclusive (and brand new) online community. It's a place where other passionate people focussed on getting visible and sharing their stories to make an impact can interact and learn from each other.


What makes Ready to Rise different?

I built this system from the ground up. From designing the RISE personal brand methodology to my unique brand translation archetypes you are getting resources that just aren't available anywhere else. Each step of this process is based on my unique combination of experience as an educator, recruiter, and brand photographer.


Not only that but I am here with you all through the process. I'm not going to dump you with a couple of activities and that's it. This is one part guided workshop, second part life-coaching. It could be your game-changer. 

Your investment


(plus GST)

5% of profits from all packages on offer are donated to
Ethni provide safe and empowering spaces for young women to learn, grow, connect and thrive. By booking with me you are also contributing to ongoing development of my Rise for Impact programs. Supporting refugee and migrant women to gain financially and professionally fulfilling futures.

Discounts available for social enterprise and not-for-profit leaders, ask for more information.

One time payment

One-time payment of $1,499 AUD

Payment plan

3 payments of $499 AUD

I bet you want to know...

Why should you listen to me?


I'm Renee. I am a workplace trainer turned personal brand coach and photographer. I've got a degree in sociology and a Masters in Human Resources under my belt. On top of that, I have more than 20 years working in organisations designing and delivering programs to develop individuals and teams to succeed in their jobs. Throw in almost 8 years in business as a portrait photographer and you have... well, me.

Along with the professional stuff, I've gone from the girl voted ‘least likely to know what she wanted to do with her life’ in high school, to someone gut-level confident in the impact she wants to make. My own personal growth has shown to me that the tools I used to discover my personal brand, can have the amazing side-effect of showing clients how freaking awesome they are.

My mission is to empower women to embrace their own unique stories and strengths. Then to use these traits to build a personally and financially fulfilling career. Because when women thrive, the whole damn community around them does too.

I am here to guide you to bring together all the parts of you; what you're good at, what you want to say and do, and wrapping that into a personal brand. I also work with you to share that brand with your audience, through photos, key messages, and your own action plan for impact.

Are you my perfect fit?

Still not sure if Ready to Rise is for you? Well, if you have had any of the following thoughts, get in touch for a no-obligation chat about what's on offer. No pushyness - my promise.

  • I am way more comfortable with ‘doing’ the work than talking about myself?
  • I'm uncomfortable showing up as ‘myself’ online. It feels forced and awkward and more than a little bit like bragging.
  • I am uncertain about how to pull of the pieces of what I do together into something cohesive
  • I'm worried about investing in brand photography and getting photos that are nothing like me
  • I'm tired of making big decisions without really having any validation for where I am goingReady to show up big time but scared shitless about how?

Get in touch

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