What IS a personal brand?

The workbook to finally help you understand.

The Personal Brand workbook

My photoshoots are designed to show the world who you are and what you stand for. They are built on your personal brand. But EVERYONE I shoot with seems to be uncertain what their brand actually is. That's why my Personal Brand Workbook was invented. 

So, if any of the following rings true for you, maybe you should snap one up. 

  • You hear the words 'personal branding' bandied about all the time and you don't actually want to admit you don't know what it means. 

  • You hear the 'guru's' talk about branding and swearing by it but you can't see WTF all the noise is about? I mean, it's just about colours right? 

  • The very idea of branding yourself makes you break out in heebie-jeebies. Like, that stuff is for old-school sleazy real estate agents right?!

  • You have palpitations at the idea of being made into a commodity that's for sale 

  • You think to yourself well, yes... a personal brand is for the pretty, clever, glossy people who've got their shit together. Not me. I'm just.... me. 


Buy now! $49

How it works...

When you buy the workbook you'll be sent a link to a brand spanking new Facebook group which is where we'll hang out most of the time. 

You'll receive an e-book and an activity workbook that steps you through the process of finding your brand. These documents are chock-filled with information and tips. 

I will also be active in our FB group which is where I want the conversation to happen. The group will give you a bit of accountability when it comes to actually finishing the activities. It will also be a safe place for you to share and go through the process. For some crazy (socially inculturated no-doubt) reason talking about our strengths can get icky. This will be your support network to help you deal.

You want in now don't you? 


Get real about your personal brand, without the wankiness


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