Personal brand coaching

I help entrepreneurs, founders, freelancers, and inspiring change-makers build crystal clear, confident, and impactful personal brands.

If you are building your career based on your expertise, then you are the face (and soul) of your brand. Before the mood board, the website, or the logo you need to know what your brand stands for. What you stand for. That's why each of my coaching offers are designed to help you understand who you really are.
In a few short weeks, you can move from self-doubt, confusion and overwhelm to being crystal clear, confident, and have a fire in your belly to get visible and make your impact. In your way.

"You have to know yourself, in order to show up as yourself

There's no need to be like others in business. In fact, it's best to be exactly who you are.

That's why my coaching process works. The RISE personal brand method is a structured 4-step process that supports you to shape your own authentic personal brand from the inside out.

This is also the same process that I took myself through to help me understand who I was at a time when I desperately needed clarity and reassurance in who I was. I built this system from the ground up. Each step of this process is based on my unique combination of experience as an educator, recruiter, and brand photographer.


Through the 8-session coaching process, I take you through a carefully developed sequence of activities, assessments, and self-reflection tools.

You also have access to my brand archetype resources. These tools give you the recipe for how to express your brand consistently in visuals and copy. It gives colour palettes, photo styling, editing advice, copywriting tips, and heaps more


If you commit yourself to this process of self-discovery you will feel deeper clarity and confidence in yourself, and have greater courage to show up in your business.



You will feel conviction in yourself, knowing that your passions, values, and beliefs are making an impact through your work.



You easily connect an audience that is right for you. You're writing content they love and share your journey from your heart.



You will feel much more confident knowing you are experiencing the world with the authenticity and soul you were meant to.

Your life has purpose.
Your story is important. Your voice matters. You were born to make an impact.

Your business needs

  • Greater visibility to share your offer and get more clients.
  • A cohesive online presence, you are proud of and stick to.
  • A mission and vision statement.
  • An elevator pitch that succinctly explains what you do. 
  • Authentic foundations for your brand that can underpin your visual assets, website and copywriting.
  • Clarity on your unique selling position and what separates you from others in your industry.
  • A clear content strategy with core messages and direction about how to share them.

But, your souls craves

  • More of...something. You just don't know what.
  • A greater understanding of who you are, underneath all the roles you play for everyone else.
  • To help the world in some way.
  • To know you are making a difference. 
  • To have some direction to your work life, something that you want, not just the drifting that you've done so far.
  • A way to share your beliefs, experience, and vision in a way that creates real impact.
  • To feel more confident being who you really are. 

Working with me can give you all of this

From previous coaching clients


Empowerment Self Defence

"I knew I was at the point that I had so much to offer,  that I wanted the world to hear my message... Renee was able to extract the real message of what I was offering to the community."


"I felt flimsy, shallow and lost in the wilderness of doing what everyone else was doing (even though I heard time and time again - 'do you').

I had bits of what I am good at, what drives me, what my message is. I just wasn't bringing it together in a way that made sense or was focussed enough that I could keep coming back to the framework.

I reached the point of having had enough. And so began my research, looking for the person who I wanted to work with to help me hone all of this.

I kept coming back to Renee Shea's work.

As we went through the process of discovering me as a brand, there were waves of emotions - gratitude, confidence, WTF (I know, that isn't actually an emotion, but you get the gist), fear, joy, excitement and more.

The thing that really caught me off guard was the impact I want to have. The more I sit with it, the more comfortable I become with it and how I can contribute in a meaningful way.

Thanks to my work with Renee, I finally feel like I have direction. The fire is back in my belly. I am willing to put in the time and effort and do the work. I am willing to set BIG goals and feel genuinely excited (and little holy s#[email protected]) about them.

What a personal brand coaching series covers

RRecognise your strengths

A good personal brand is.... personal. It is about who you are at your core. We dig into what you want to be known for. Scrap the the things that you might be good at but kinda hate doing, and build on the ones that you love. This helps us identify your unique brand position and how to build your strengths into your offer.


SShape your signature offer and statement

What do you actually offer and to who? Does it maximise your strengths and align with your vision? We talk about your audience, the transformation you offer and how we can bring more of you into that offer. We craft your signature statement, so that you can speak about who you are and what you offer with confidence.

IIdentify your impact

Does your work feel aligned to your life's purpose? What's your vision and mission? Alignment is different for everyone because your values are unique. Not only does this mean clearer consistent brand messaging but greater life fulfilment as you align who you are with what you do.


EExpress your brand

Now that we know who you are, what you do and why, we need to share that with the world. We cover brand archetypes, colours, key content pillars and brand visuals. We create branding guidelines so that you can talk with confidence with graphic and web designers. You also have an action plan with the steps you need to take to build your personal brand into all the online spaces.


Who am I anyway?

I'm Renee. I am a workplace trainer turned personal brand coach and photographer. I've got a degree in sociology and a Masters in Human Resources under my belt. On top of that, I have more than 20 years working in organisations designing and delivering programs to develop individuals and teams to succeed in their jobs. Throw in almost 8 years in business as a portrait photographer and you have... well, me.

Along with the professional stuff, I've gone from the girl voted ‘least likely to know what she wanted to do with her life’ in high school, to someone gut-level confident in the impact she wants to make. My own personal growth has shown to me that the tools I used to discover my personal brand, can have the amazing side-effect of showing clients how freaking awesome they are.

My mission is to empower women to embrace their own unique stories and strengths. Then to use these traits to build a personally and financially fulfilling career. Because when women thrive, the whole damn community around them does too.

I am here to guide you to bring together all the parts of you; what you're good at, what you want to say and do, and wrapping that into a personal brand. I also work with you to share that brand with your audience, through photos, key messages, and your own action plan for impact.

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