The connection between my crazy #ISO wall and personal branding

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How's things going for you during this season of social distancing and self-isolation? It's a scary, humbling, and unsettling time for sure. Everyone is dealing with it in their own ways
My way happened to be with paint.
See, for the first week of the school holidays, my kids were with their Dad. Usually, I am okay with this, but being stuck at home on my own, made me start looking at my home differently.
My home is my haven. My happy place. It represents new beginnings for me as I moved in just after my separation. Settling into this space became a project in rebuilding our lives. What I didn't realise, was that it was also a project in rebuilding me.
Sure, I’ve always liked colourful things. But before, my wardrobe was chock full of black. Because black was slimming and I could hide in it. My home was a neutral palette. Safe, good for resale. I liked colour, but I certainly didn't embrace it. I was nervous about it being 'too much'.

In truth, I was worried that I was 'too much'.

I have always been one of those people who wanted to
be liked. I showed people 'parts' of who I was. But only the parts that I thought they would approve of. Because what I showed was genuine, I was able to convince myself that I was still being honest. But, it was never really ALL of me.
It showed up in the house. When I first moved I had colourful furniture and art but I painted the walls white. Then, I got 'brave' and painted the tiles in my kitchen hot pink. It was the first big step forward. Since then I have added a pink and yellow mandala wall. At the same time, I have leant into being me even more. I share more of who I am, not just the little bits that I thought would be 'acceptable'. Now, so many walls are covered in an eclectic array of art, textiles and crazy handmade crafts. With each addition to the house, I have felt the hesitation. What about if it doesn't work out? What about if people don't like it? But I have pushed through and done it anyway.
Earlier this week I was sitting at my laptop staring at the walls. I was bored, lonely and feeling disconnected. The blank wall at the end of my kitchen was staring back at me, waiting.
So I did it.
I dug out the paints that I had to hand and started painting. I posted my progress shots over on Instagram (take a look at the stories highlight 'just create'). The comments that started rolling in were so funny. It was a mix of
'wow this is amazing' with 'are you drunk?'
But you know what? I trusted my gut on this one. Sure I questioned my sanity, but I knew it was right for me. And the finished product is awesome. Not because it's great art. But because it's me. That stinking wall is bright, in your face, and a bit messy, but it works.

So what's this all got to do with personal branding?

Well, think of it this way. My home decor is the outward expression of who I am. Layered, textured, bold, colourful and a bit quirky.

Equally, my personal brand is the outward representation of who I am. And so should yours. Think of me as your cheerleader. I am encouraging you to be yourself and to embrace the layers and colours of your style. It feels scary AF. You will question your sanity.
But forget about being 'too much' for your audience.
Stop worrying if they will like 'all of you'

Embrace the crazy. Paint the fucking wall.

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