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There are two good reasons why you should consider photo sequences as part of your visual marketing strategy. One, it is a powerful way to tell your story. Come on, if a picture tells a thousand words, think of what you tell with a handful of them? Also, having 5 images to post on the ‘gram instead of one is a big ‘ole time saver!

 Here’s five top images for you to consider when you are next planning pics for your biz


Show the action.

What are you doing? Who is involved (this is often a good shot to include YOU!) Think of it as a waist-up style crop. The image has some context, but not as much as above. Instead it is about showing the viewer what you are doing and who you are.


Set the scene.

This photo shows your audience what’s going on, the context. If you’ve got the fancy camera use a wider angle lens for this, or you could ‘zoom out with your feet’ aka… step backwards….. This image establishes location and gives your viewers an idea of what to expect


Show you!

After all you are the star of your business. You are the one who does the work, makes the thing, or has the know-how. A picture of you in this scene, is a great addition.


Show the detail.

On their own detail photos can look nice, but don’t show your audience what’s happening. When you add it into a sequence of photos, they add a real richness. You can really focus in on the tools of the trade here or maybe a favourite thing. If you’re a ‘maker’ then a detail pic of your materials or the making process also adds interest.


Show the result.

So why are you doing what you are doing? What’s the output? A client smiling, a finished product? How can you build the ‘purpose’ of your work into an image?


What do you think? Is this something you reckon you could do? I’d love to see how you make it work for you. If you do shoot and share some of these images, pretty please tag is #RSPstorytelling I’ll keep an eye out!

But hang on I've got more. 

It's all well and good to know what photos to take, but what about what stories to tell? Do you know what stories to tell about your business? To help you get started I've created a helpful list of potential stories that you can tell. Download it now and don't forget to tag #RSPstorytelling. 

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