What to wear to a photoshoot

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What to wear to the photoshoot is one of the questions that I get asked the most. It seems to cause the most frustration and uncertainty in my clients.
I get it though. We are already nervous about what we are going to look like in our photos. We rely on the hope that a good wardrobe selection will make us look better. Yes, I could go on about that, and the issues of underlying confidence that it all boils down to. But that's not going to help you right now. And, there are some tips that I can give you about what to wear for your photoshoot that will give you help.

One: Wear what you are comfortable and feel good in.

You being comfortable is the quickest way to good photos. It is also the hardest thing for me to do as a photographer.

You could have fab hair, immaculate make-up and a perfect outfit. But if you are tense, and stressed then that is going to come through in the images. So one of the easiest ways to deal with that is making sure you feel comfortable and 'good' in the outfit you are wearing. Wearing your PJs isn't the best option, but neither is being tit-to-knee in Spanx. You look good by feeling good in your outfit.

Two: Get some advice.

No one guide is going to be able to address each persons style, body shape, colouring etc. So get advice based on YOU. Ask a friend. Talk to that girlfriend you've got that's always going to tell you the truth. Ask "what are your favourite outfits that I wear or look good on me?".
Go to Pinterest. Search for outfit ideas for your body shape. We have all heard about general body shapes; pear, column, hourglass or apple etc.
Search for outfit ideas for 'apple shape'. These searches are good to help you refine your thinking, give you inspiration.

Three: Colour

I can't write a post like this without focusing on colour. Branding images and headshot photos are part of your marketing collateral. They are not there to make you look pretty.
What brand images are designed to do, is send message about you and your brand. For example; if your brand is clear, sharp and focused on communication, then include blues and teals into your outfit.
Don't go head to toe in a single colour, but add a necklace in that shade, or a shirt underneath a suit. Be intentional about your colour choice.

Four: Layers and accessories

Layers and accessories are your absolute friend in a photo shoot. They mean we can easily switch up your look. We can take a jacket off and do a more casual look. Adding scarves or a colourful necklace is valuable to add depth to your image.

Five: Quick tips

Avoid white. It washes people out. Fine pinstripes or small patterns can make a visual mess called moire and we want to avoid that. You can download my 'what to wear for corporate headshots from the freebies section of the site. 
This is about you feeling good with what you look like. I know that sounds hard, and most of us struggle with that. Simply, whatever is going to put you in front of my camera and make you feel comfortable and good about how you look, then that 's the best outfit for you to wear.
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