What kind of photos do you need?

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Types of business photography

Like every other profesh service, photographers specialise. There’s the well-known genre’s like weddings, newborn, portrait or pet photography. Commercial and brand photography is a category all in itself. Did you know that even within that genre there are different types of photography? And, not all photographers can do them all? Let’s dive in and have a look at these types. That way you can better target your search when you are next in the market for hot AF photos for your biz.


Seriously, a headshot is exactly that. It’s a photo of a person from the bust up. The focus and emphasis is on your face, and there is limited background. People buy from people, and a good headshot is the start of the ‘getting to know you’ phase with you client. It allows potential clients to ‘see’ the person they are doing business. A headshot is best suited for profile pics on your social media platforms because the image ‘real estate’ is so small and you want to get the most out of that space.

Brand portraits

Brand portraits are so much more than headshots. They are piece of carefully designed marketing collateral.
Firstly, there’s so much more of YOU in the image. Not only your head. These photos should share a message; who you are, what you do, what you wear, how and where you work. Brand portraits are all about the context. These types of photos aim to tell the story of your brand. They let the audience, over time, build a relationship with you.

Product photography

There is nothing plain or simple about good product photography. Even if it looks that way. A good photograph will sell your product, so the entire focus is on the product. Generally the background is white or plain. The images are used for web stores or product galleries.
It important to mention that there is product photography, and then there is GOOD product photography. The precision and detail in the lighting and editing of a quality product image should never be undervalued.

Styled photography/flat lays

Wow, the rise of social media and Instagram has seen an explosion in this category. A styled product photo is a perfect way to show your product in action. Like any good marketing, you want your client to want to use your product. The product will somehow help them meet a need, deal with a problem or makes them feel awesome. The aim of styled product photography is to create that emotion in the photo. Your photographer (and perhaps a stylist) will create a scene with your product (and relevant props) to make sure your audience get all the feels.
The infamous flatlay is a modern extension of this concept, but taken from a specific angle.

Lifestyle photography

Like the styled product the lifestyle photoshoot is about evoking emotion and making the product or service ‘real’ to your client. The key difference in the lifestyle image is that it includes people and more context or environment. In fact, the shoot doesn’t even need to have the product in it. It’s more about creating the feels and showing the positive impact that your product or service has on its customers. You see a load of this in advertising and editorial work.

What photos do you need?

So there you have it. Five different types of photography that all come under the 'business photography' banner. If you are thinking of booking in a photoshoot, it's worth being very clear about what you want your photos to do. Then, find a photographer who is kick arse at that style.
If you want to chat about these different types reach out. I am more than happy (and often do) refer people to amazing photographers across the country that will suit their needs.
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