My biggest takeaway from the #NinetoThrive event

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I had grand plans of writing up a cool summary of my time at the Nine to ThriveBusiness Chicks conference last week. My idea was to share super important quotes from the speakers and inspire you with their heart-felt lessons.

But you know what? I've got nothing.

Not because the speakers didn't rock and have a shit tonne of cool info to share.

What I really took away from this event was the importance of your boss-lady network.

Actual footage of me and my gang ;)

What the?

The thing is, when we hear amazing presenters we still take in the content via our ownfilters and perceptions. Your network 'hears' things differently. They focus on different nuggets of information, see linkages to your work, your challenges that you don't see yourself. They say..

"yeah, Renee, fucking listen to what they are saying, that's what you do!" (thanks Anna)..

Because sometimes, to actually really grow and learn you need to not only hear new information, but to take it in in the context of your business and your life.

Your boss-network is critical for this.

Also, they drink Sangria with you during the lunch break, and that rocks.

But, if you are indeed after some more tangible take-aways here's some of the best that stuck with me :)

“Stop saying it isn’t the right time. We need to just start. It doesn’t mean starting a business tomorrow, it just means doing a little bit of research on starting a business or register a name. Taking little steps is the way to get forward. Stop waiting for something, nothing else is coming. We have to make it up.” 
Emma Isaacs
“I do feel underestimated at times. I love proving people wrong. Whether people underestimate you because you’re a woman, your looks or your age. I think being underestimated is a powerful position to be in.” 
Michelle Battersby
“A brand is successful when it has that potent combination of knowing what they want to be and what their purpose is, and being authentic about it. Women sniff out someone who is a fraud. We have a good bullshit parameter and you cannot do that in business or when creating a brand.” 
Jackie Frank
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