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So I have been banging on about it for AGES.. my brand archetypes. I have been wanting to find a way to put all this material (usually only accessible for my full branding clients) together into some useful tool for you... and I finally have it done <insert happy dance>!


I have been a fan of Cosmo style 'what type are you?' quizzes since way back when magazines were cool. Why? Because understanding what 'type' I was helped me find solidarity with others, but also to know how to articulate and express elements of my personality that I wasn't sure about. I really think that's part of the true value of understanding what your archetype is. It gives a way to express yourself and your brand.


So with a little bit of help from Carl Jung, colour psychology theory, design aesthetics and my girl Kelly from Craft my Content I have created some useful (I think) guides to help you #expressYOURbrand in images and in copy.


The brand archetypes

I work with four key brand archetypes. Now, there are a GAZILLION archetype systems out there, and many people work with a broader range of types. But I am all about simplicity. Too many types means that there is more nuance in the traits and that just gets confusing! So here's a brief overview of my four archetypes


SAGE brand

SAGE brand

RULER brand

RULER brand



HERO brand

HERO brand


Which one are you?

Can you see your personal brand or business brand in one of these types? One of the other ways you can find out is to do the 'Brand Archetype Quiz'. It would be cool to see if what you guess as your type matches the quiz results.


How can I get the snapshot guide?

Well, if you want to grab the snapshot guide of your brand type all you need to do is complete the 'Brand Archetype Quiz'. With the magic of technology you will get an immediate result and a link to download your snapshot.


I would love, love to hear what you think of this concept. I see huge value in thinking in terms of 'types' because it gives you some surety and confidence in what you know about you and how to express your brand. 

Pretty please, leave a comment and tell me what you think?!


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