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You are building your newest sales page. You've got awesome content and you want people to click on that magic button... I mean, that's what you've created all the good stuff for right? So let's look at some ways that you can increase your chances of conversion using colour and body language (I know right?! Say whaat??)

First go...

So here's our first basic example. You've got a nice pro photo of yourself and a simple opt-in button. It's clean, easy to read and non-offensive. All good things right?!


But, you wouldn't call it 'attention grabbing.


Take two...

So, plenty of anecdotal evidence suggests that the colour of your opt-in button makes a difference. Red, orange (high action energy colours) and green (the colour of 'go' traffic lights, and safety) is recommended. So, let's make our button orange...


Yep, that certainly helps draw attention to that magic button. But can we do more? Yes, we sure can, using the power of body language!


Look at me, look at me...

One of the reasons I go on about eye contact in your photos is because we are naturally drawn to look at peoples faces. It's instinctive, and based on the need to seek out potential threats. If the main purpose of your photo is to create connection and trust with your viewer then direct eye contact is the bomb. But, similarly when we are looking at someone and they are looking somewhere else we instinctively FOLLOW THEIR GAZE to see what they are looking at.


So there's three things about this last example that work in it's favour

1. It's a photo of a person. We naturally seek out faces on a web page making this the first place to look.

2. The gaze is looking away, leading our eyes to see what they are looking at.

3. We have a call-to-action that is a bright and visible, but also the colour of action.

The trifecta!


So tell me, what do you think? Have you tried different colours in your call to action or opt-in buttons? Have you intentionally used other design/image tools to drive people's gaze? What's been your results? Hit reply and let me know!

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