The importance of NOT being 'authentic'

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The importance of NOT being authentic

I have finally figured out why I am hating the word 'authenticity' so much lately. I am at the point where I hear it, or worse, say it, and I want to kick my own butt. In the business, branding and social media world, you can't escape someone telling you about the importance of being 'authentic'. It has become such common jargon and we have started to use this word to mean something it actually doesn't.


A quick internet search shows that there are two key definitions of the word:
to be conforming to the original or genuine way 'it's an authentic diamond'


to be true to one's own personality or character.
Both of these are very valuable things (especially that sparkle ;)). But to say you are 'authentic' is not good enough. It means nothing to me.

As a potential client who is engaging your business I need to know what that authenticity is. Is your authentic nature that of an arse? Is the genuine trait that you are being authentic to is an intolerant scammer?

If I am reading a bio and read 'I am an authentic, fun and values driven entrepreneur ' I want to scream and punch things. Like when looking for a man... refuse to believe the words alone. Question if their actions support these words?

Your interactions with followers on your feed SHOW your personality. The content that you share and what you talk about, SHOWS me what you value.

Now, I am not blameless in this, even in my personal branding challenge last week I used the 'authentic' a LOT. Because being authentic in your brand IS important. Being real is important. BUT 'authenticity' is a word. It's not a behaviour or characteristic in and of itself.

If you want your followers to believe that you are 'value driven' SHOW your values in your content. If 'being you' is being crass and irreverent then your copy should reflect that. This is what creates the trust between you and your audience; the connection. SHOW who you are, don't just tell me.
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