WTF is a personal brand?

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Clients come to me for their headshots and social media photography because I can talk brand.

Not just 'brand' as in what colours do you want to wear, but the whole kit and caboodle. What's your target audience, what message do you want to send, what is the personality of YOUR brand. Not every brand is about glowing sunsets or wispy beach goddesses. Knowing the what your brand stands for is key to making sure the money that you invest in images was worthwhile. Now, that's all well and good if you know what your brand is. BUT...

What about if hearing the words 'personal branding' makes you break out into a cold sweat?

Do you understand what all the fuss is about?



Funnily enough, when people understand what a personal brand is, they are far less scared of it. No, it's not just for sleazy old-school real estate agents and it's certainly not just for the pretty, clever, glossy people who've got their shit together.

Everyone has a personal brand.

The question is whether or not yours is working FOR you or AGAINST you. To help you wade through the marketing-guff I have made a really clear, no-wank 5-day challenge to help.

Yes, I totally know there's a million-gazillion 5-day challenges out there, and a fair chunk of them probably about personal branding too. And that's cool. But if you are still unsure this could really help.

In the challenge we cover:

Module 1: WTF is a personal brand?

There's a whole of of talk about what a personal brand is. It's seriously confusing and full of wank words. This module helps to define the 'PB' phrase and shows you why it's pretty darn important.


Module 2: How the world sees you

Sometimes it's gut-sickeningly hard to see what our strengths are and what we offer. This module includes activities and tips to put yourself in someone else's shoes and get an idea of how they see you!


Module 3: Being you'er than you

A genuine personal brand is about knowing and owning your strengths and who you are. This module helps you dig through layers of self-doubt to find the gems that really make you - you!


Module 4: Getting real with the goods

Everyone is good at something. The best personal brand is about highlighting what that is. Module four helps you embrace your inner show-off and find the goods!


Module 5: Your personal brand signature

This module guides you through a step-by-step process to pull together who you are and what you are good at into a kick-arse brand signature. Use this signature and shout it from the roof-tops baby

More than anything I want this challenge to be a positive and supported process for you, so our Facebook group and Q&A times with me are absolutely a part of this.

Want to finally understand WTF a personal brand is?

Sign up to the challenge today - it starts Monday 12, February!

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