Exclusive headshot event

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Making the decision to get photos taken can be really darn hard. I get it! Even if we put aside the fear about the cost for a minute, we all have self-confidence issues in some way.

Something that makes us terrified of getting in front of the camera. Too fat, grey hair, wrinkles. I am the same. Totally.

But I am going to magically take all those worries away! 


Exclusive headshot event

On October 13, 2017 I am teaming up with one of my make-up babes to run an exclusive headshot event in East Brisbane.

This package is awesome value. It actually includes MORE than my signature headshot package and costs less. That's why it's exclusive and only limited places are available. 

We are only offering 6 places at this event so you will need to book in early if you want to grab a place!

Secure one of these limited places and book today

If you want to grab one of these exclusive headshots you will need to book in quickly. Be sure to follow the booking link below to secure your place. 

Book your session now

Secure one of these limited places and book today

20 tips to rock a headshot session

If you can't make one of the headshot sessions, how about I try and take away these obstacle anyway.

You can  download my top 20 tips, to take the mystery out of head shot sessions, so you can rock yours like a... well, rock star. Even if you are getting one of your friends to take the photo you can use these tips to feel so much more confident in your sesison. 

Either way. Do something. 

Evidence says that it takes 100 millisecond for someone to form an opinion of you by looking at your photo. 80-90% of that impression relates to whether you seem competent and trustworthy. Sure, somewhere back in line of 'impressions' is whether or not you look pretty, young, well dressed etc. But seriously?! I want my potential clients to think I am competent and trustworthy much faster than them thinking my hairstyle is out of date. Trust is what will make clients want to buy from you!

And to those people (like me) who say "they need to see my product not me"... or "I don't need to show people what I look like, I just need to show them pretty pictures"... right? Wrong!

People buy from people. Online entrepreneurs and businesses are well aware that in order to develop an ongoing and profitable relationship with their audience, they have to be seen as authentic, honest and real. If there is no photo of your (or your team) on your website you are doing yourself damage. You're a mystery, and not a good one. You mightn't like having your photo up there but seriously, you need to.

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