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At some point late last year I made the decision that one weekend a month I would commit to not working.

I know that may seem a bit crazy, but I run this business along with working part-time and raising two young kids. If I want to get stuff done it means cramming it in to night times, weekends or time negotiated in front of the ipad. Given that one of my drivers for being in business myself is to have time to be with my family this just seemed mad. So, rather than waiting for that 'one day' (you know, 'one day' I will have the money, 'one day' when it's quieter, 'one day' when I don't have the other job etc).... I decided to actually schedule a weekend where I didn't work and make that one day start now.

This idea is actually really tough for me, and I am sure it's the same for a lot of entrepreneurs. Because even if I wasn't at the desk, my brain was still thinking about the seven million things that I need to do. I felt guilty as a result.

Then, I had a brain wave... okay, it wasn't that dramatic but it was a seedling of an idea that has taken hold over time. I needed to get away more. It doesn't have to be long, or fancy or even really overnight, it just needs to be away. Disconnect from not only the work that waits, but if I was going to use this time to really recharge my 'happiness well' I needed to step away from the day-to-day of life too.The washing, the cleaning, the fighting over homework, it's all there. It takes up brain space.... I wanted to escape that routine.

My family used to camp when I was a kid. Proper on the sand dunes, no one else around, no water, electricity or toilets kind of camping. As I got older I stopped going. It wasn't the highest thing on my 'way to spend the weekend' list. Even when my parents asked me along I wasn't keen. But now, I have kids of my own and suddenly I can see why the idea is a good one.

After an absence of about 15 years this Summer we started going camping. I am still really rusty, and I am working out my skills, but I am loving it. It taps into so many different parts of me that really just needed this right now in my life.

It takes me out of the house to a place where mobile reception doesn't exits.

It puts us into a daily flow that is quite different from the normal. Sure the food still needs to be cooked, dishes cleaned and all that, but it's not the same-old. It takes more effort, and in that it engages my brain in a different way.

It is about the smell of smoke from the camp fire, about noticing the weather, and feeling the world around me (yes, I am trying to romanticise the dirty feet too). It's about answering questions about the stars, about plants and why people burp really loudly when they are camping...

It puts me in a quiet tent in the early hours of the morning talking with my two beautiful children. Discussing what they loved most about their previous days adventures.

It gives my kids the opportunity to run, to experience freedom, to play with people staying with us, or new friends in the camp grounds.

I don't know if this level of appreciation of camping will stay. I mean, I think it's closely tied to my need to escape the daily grind, but, my children are at an age where they just LOVE this, and while that lasts, I hope I do too.

*if you are interested, in the photos below we were staying at Sandy Creek Campin' near Kilcoy.
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