The power of colour psychology in branding

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Humans are visual creatures. We make an emotional decision within 90 seconds of our initial interaction with a person or product. Amazingly, up to 90% of this judgement is based on colour alone.

That's a lot!

Our brains are simply wired for image, and we process visuals some 60,000x faster than words. Do you know what that means? Your images matter.

Now, we understand the importance of a good logo and there is information about branding everywhere. There are some amazing designers, guides and workshops that you can do to help build your brand, and the last thing I want to do is to go over that again. What I do want to talk with you about though is colour, and the importance of it in your brand and then specifically in the images that you share.

It's about the colour

Careful use of colour can influence moods and emotions, both positively or negatively. It seems obvious then that if you are using colours that don't send the message that you want for your brand then you are possibly repelling potential clients. If you are a law firm, complete with polished timber desks and suits and ties and you are trying to display serious, uncompromising and discipline as part of your brands personality (yes - that is an insane generalisation) using head shots or images in your online presence with hot pink shirts and flowers won't work. Now, I am not saying that as a law firm you can't use pink in your brand, but it's not a colour that typically invokes those emotions. The inconsistency immediately impacts how much your brand is trusted.

One of the fundamental tools that I use with my branding clients is work derived from colour psychology. Whether you are designing a new brand, or visually bringing that brand to life, clearly articulating your brands 'personality' and how you want your target market to feel is important. It creates an emotional connection between your brand (usually you) and your market, a relationship that ultimately improves your business.

Over the coming weeks I am going to talk more about the connections between emotion and colour and step you through some ideas to get you to critically examine your brand, and how you are visually communicating your brand with your choice of images.

What do the colours and images of your brand say about you?

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