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One of the coolest things about doing head shots or portraits is that I get to meet some seriously great people. I met Sam about twelve months ago, but it wasn't until recently I got to put her in front of my camera and to chat about mind-reading, girl crushes and income streams.

Was there anything in particular that motivated you to start your own business?
Having kids motivated me to start my own business. I had a little baby boy and was pregnant with my second. I was working 40+ hours a week (but really more like 60) throughout both pregnancies and then I was putting my babies into day care from open to close. I didn’t want my life to be like that, I didn’t want to never see my kids and I knew there had to be another way.

What do you believe was the single most important decision you made that has contributed to your successes so far?
Building several income streams. I believe that a business needs a really strong foundation, but often when you are getting started it is hard to do this. It’s helpful if you have more than one way to earn money in your business as it gives you flexibility and options. We have income from courses, membership sites,  consulting and royalty payments which all form the basis of our business. 

Tell me, what does the average day for you look like?
It varies hugely depending on what I am up to and who I am working with. If I’m working from the office for the day, then I get to drop the kids at school at 9am and pick them up at 3pm. In between I have client meetings, skype calls, build websites, write content, help students and much more.

How do you stay inspired and motivated?
Reading books, participating in business groups and meeting with friends who “get” me (business friends who understand what I’m ranting about and help me work through things).

What’s the single most surprising thing that you’ve found
It challenges me more than I ever realised it would. Not just in a business way, but on a personal level. I hadn’t realised how much running my own business would push me out of my comfort zone and make me grow as a person. I’m constantly trying new things, meeting new people, finding better ways to manage and structure my time, and look at ways to improve myself. I’ve been running my own businesses for 6 years now, and I’m definitely a very different person to when I started. 

You are the host of an amazing dinner party, what three people from any time and place would you invite, and why?

  1. Marie Forleo (I have a huge girl crush… but then who doesn’t? I mean, have you seen her hair?! )
  2. Casey Neistat (check him out on YouTube, his videos are amazing and he’s a pretty cool guy)
  3. Richard Branson (Pretty self-explanatory really, but I love the way he thinks anything is possible and just does it)
Finally, what’s your super power?
My superpower is mind-reading… well, that’s what I tell the kids anyway.

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