Your personal brand matters

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Our business networks are critical. We make connections, get to know and hopefully trust people and ultimately approach them for products or services.  Even if you aren't a small business owner or entrepreneur your business connections are critical in the employment and recruitment market. 

Looking for a new job?

A 2015 Glassdoorstudy found that employee referrals (as in someone telling you about a job opportunity) is one of the top 3 channels in finding a new job (behind online job boards and referrals from universities). But what's more important about this research is that as a candidate, if you are referred by someone, you have a greater chance of actually winning that role. This emphasises the power of referrals as a recruitment tool, and for you, if you are looking for a new job, it highlights how critical it is to build and maintain your professional networks. That's where LinkedIn comes in.

Your personal brand matters!

Adding a professional head shot of you as your profile photo on LinkedIn makes you 14-times more likely to be found (by networks and recruiters) . That's impressive. In a busy recruitment marketplace your head shot is a powerful way.

Best LinkedIn profile photos

LinkedIn has released five key pointers to what they think makes the best profile image:

  1. Choose a photo that looks like you
  2. Make sure your face takes up a large portion of the frame
  3. Choose the right expression
  4. Wear what you'd wear to work
  5. Choose a background that isn't distracting.

I would add to this:

  1. Make sure your photo is consistent with your personal brand.
  2. Look at the camera - you want to engage your viewer.

A recent personal branding session

Monique approached me recently to work with her to create some social media head shots. She is interested in increasing her visibility (and credibility) in the industry she works in. Knowing this she wanted head shots that showed who she was; friendly, bubbly, professional, creative and real.

Don't forget to check out our behind-the-scenes video below to see a bit of how a session rolls with me!


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