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I recently released my signature branded portrait package the BRAND MASTER. This package goes deep into understanding your personality strengths, how people see you and what you bring to your brand. I am a geek when it comes to personality profiles and how they can add so much insight to you and how you think, so this is seriously fun for me.

But, knowing these profiles means nothing unless you take that information and use it. This is where I bring colour psychology and body language into the picture (ha- see that pun there....) By using these two things we can make a somewhat conceptual idea like a personality trait and make it more 'real' in a photograph.

Let me show you what I mean.

One of my strongest personality traits is extroversion. Extroversion is about being energised by being around people. Being communicative, warm and outgoing (note - I am not saying they are confident, but that's a common assumption). How do you show that in a photo?

First is the use of colour. Yellow is the colour of communication, expansiveness, warmth and energy. Let's look at that in photos. The following four portraits all include yellow in different, but intentional ways. This is why I love the conscious use of colour. It doesn't have to be a 'slap you round the face' all yellow outfit. There are touches of yellow in the props or accessories or even location.

Why does colour matter? Colour, through the bouncing of light is a distribution of energy. That light energy has a physical impact on us. Yellow is a stimulating colour that is known to lift our spirits.

So, what about body language?

When you combine the instinctive responses to colour with the non-verbal cues of body language you've got some really strong messaging going on in your image.

In order to look 'extroverted' in an image we want to appear comfortable, relaxed and confident. Classic body language cues(see last image) include:

  • an open posture - no arms crossed
  • taking up a large space - not hunched in on yourself
  • head and eyes up and shoulders rolled back.

The combination of these two elements together really takes your image to the next level. The image is no longer just a nice head shot, it is a brand asset, something that is tailored to your personality and the message you want to convey.

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