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I wanted to pop in here today to chat about how I incorporate your brand and its archetype into photos. These elements are what takes your portraits from being simple head shots to branded portraits for your business or personal brand. 

This is Paula! This bubbly, warm and friendly lady was a client who personified the spring brand that she represents. Want a quick reminder on the spring brand? Take a look at this quick tip sheet here and you'll see that Springs are all about bright, warm colours, happiness, light and energy. (See what I mean about Paula - sometimes it's just so clear!). 

So let's dive in to a couple of quick elements... 


The first thing I want to draw your attention to here is body language. 

  1. A direct gaze indicates that she is interested in you and what you are saying. It also suggests that she is honest and trustworthy
  2. The open mouthed smile is another indicator of friendliness and approachability 
  3. The incline forwards indicates that she is listening and engaged with the viewer. 
Many entrepreneurs want their personal branding photos to demonstrate these characteristics, but warmth and friendliness are particularly typical of the Spring brand. 

In the example above we start to bring in more specific 'SPRING' elements into the image - particularly in the colour and pattern selection. The aqua scarf  (a brand colour) has fun polka dots on it (spring pattern). See also the first image with the polka dots - all about light-heartedness!

The natural light setting was intentionally chosen to ensure that we captured that bright airy element of the spring brand. Can you also see some of the 'Spring' components in the background? The decor, the wall art and bright coloured flowers? All work together to build an image that sends an intentional message about who Paula is. 


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