Video blog: getting in front of your brand

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My very first video blog is here and live! And terrible. But hey, it's done.  Listen, we all know that getting more visible in your brand is important. BUT, far out it's hard. We all have a gazillion reasons or excuses about why we should put off getting social media headshots taken for our business. In this video I discuss ( and clearly demonstrate) how you can get past the monkey brain.  

When the juggle is the journey

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In the last six years I have worked my butt off to build a business for myself.  I have written business plans, branded myself and developed websites a total of 5 times. Do you know what? I am not there yet. In fact, I still work in my professional-level day job. In this time I've learnt a thing or two about the juggle of having a day job and building the business of my dreams; the slow way. 

On being enough

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My business coach was hounding me recently. She wanted me to define the purpose of my business. What was it that I was trying to do? She was making me actually think about this too. I wasn't able to just glibly give her my standard 'take pretty photos' answer.  Bitch 😉. 

Exclusive headshot event

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Making the decision to get photos taken can be really darn hard. I get it! Even if we put aside the fear about the cost for a minute, we all have self-confidence issues in some way. Something that makes us terrified of getting in front of the camera. Too fat, grey hair, wrinkles. I am the same. Totally. But I am going to magically take all those worries away with an exclusive headshot event. 
Be you to be successful

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I 'chat' to Anna most days. 

We talk business and how I can shape mine. Content marketing and dealing with inferiority. We talk personal stuff; boys, kids, plus-size fashion, life after separation.

She's my arse-kick when I need it and a safe sounding board to throw ideas around. So when she was getting ready to update her brand photos I was so damn excited.

A notch above

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So how I see it is that my job is to meet cool chicks, chat with them, gossip and drink coffee.
I get to hear about their business, their dreams and how they are doing their bit to make things happen. It's the best gig because I love talking, but I do it with my camera in hand.
Recently I got to meet Jac. She's a smart lady and I had so much fun working with her on her personal branding photos. Jac has developed a successful business model that leverages technology and the idea of a virtual team. So often I hear about these concepts but few genuinely make it work. She does.
Head shot sessions

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Signing on to get a photo taken of yourself is not the most enjoyable thing to do. It's so easy to come up with a gazillion different reasons to not do it.

But let me tell you something... nothing is going to build your relationship with your audience faster than getting real and personal. In this instance, that means showing them who you are.

  1. Here are five quick reasons why you need to put on the big #girlboss pants and get yourself a pro head shot. Want to be treated like a legit professional? You've got to look like one. Simple.
  2. A pro head shot will help you stand out from the selfie crowd. There is nothing wrong with having a DIY head shot for a while. But when you are ready to level up your business, you need to rise above the rest.
  3. First impressions count. Don't make it easy for potential clients to dismiss you. Grab their attention from the get go. Your profile photo counts.
  4. Stay top of mind with consistent, quality head shots across your social media and online platforms. We exist online in so many places online that to be memorable you need to be consistent.
  5. It's hard sharing photos of yourself. But if you've got a professional photo that you feel great about it, you'll be more confident to share it. And, that's what we all want!

Professional head shots aren't just for executives any more. Everyone needs one. If you don't have one already I encourage you to check out my limited time head shot offer.

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