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10-day photo challenge: get your brand visible online

We see it all the time. The never-ending photos on Instagram of people working in exotic locations, or at meticulously styled office spaces. I mean, based on the ‘Gram there’s a whole lot of people that work from bed - and they all have amazingly white sheets, and cute matching tank and undie sets.

But what about us real people?

The types that spill their coffee on their white shirts and their laptops have an ecosystem of crumbs in the keyboard from god-knows-when? How do we make our Instagram feeds pretty and…. ‘authentic’ (ugh, I shudder as I write that word… how overdone is it?!)?

The #BRANDEXPRESSO challenge starts
May 6, 2019

What is #brandexpresso about? 

Well, it’s a mash-up of some of my favourite things; branding, expression, and coffee. That’s about it...

Nah, #brandexpresso is actually a ten-day challenge designed to help you get you and your brand visible on photo-driven platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Social media is about developing relationships with your audience. It’s about creating that magical unicorn state of know, like and trust. And I’m going to help you do just that… just call me the fairy godmother ;)  

Expressing your brand in a caffeine charged way


How does it work? 

Unlike other Instagram photo challenges, this one is chunkier. Beefier. It packs a little more muscle. 
I got myself a little distracted there…

The first four days of the challenge is pre-work. It’s all about getting you prepared with info on:

  • brand archetypes and storytelling with images
  • finding stock photos that are on brand
  • How to take better pics (including selfies)

After we’ve stuffed your little cocoon full of resources, we’ll transform into a beautiful image-driven, story-telling butterfly. With you right at the centre.

The second phase of the challenge is the pretty picture part. 

Now that you are armed with all sorts of resources you are ready to get snappin' and sharing. On Sunday 5 May I will send everyone a list of prompts. Each of these prompts has been designed to tell a part of your brands story.

You can shoot and then share on Instagram and Facebook and hashtag your hearts out. This is about you sharing YOUR story.

There will also be a FB group where you can practice sharing, get tips and advice about shooting and editing. It's going to be fun!

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